Sweet Dreams – a short film by Richard Francis Shepheard

Ric Shepheard was the great love of my life. When I first met him – back in 1995 – after a weekend of mind-blowing sex he chipped in, “Hey, do you want to come see my film being premièred at the Lesbian & Gay Film Festival next weekend?”. Shallow as I am, I was in love.

As it turned out, it was probably the 2nd best film on the roster. Most of them were awful, and the one that was better was made by the daughter of someone high up in Channel 4, so no shortage of help from Daddy or shoestring budget. Even having seen it, I was still in love.

Ric’s own relationship with the film was conflicted. Funding it with housing benefit fraud, it nearly sent him to prison. It was not the breakthrough he craved, and he considered his career as a film-maker over (unless you include the promotion short ‘AOL Dogs‘…) When he left AOL, I got the Design Dept to produce a full movie poster for it, and he was furious.

Anyway, from a crappy VHS transfer, here it is. If I ever get a chance to get my hands on an improved copy, I’ll post it here.

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Mac users: avoid the Ricoh Aficio SP100SU at all costs

A friend got the Ricoh Aficio SP100SU printer for free in an offer from PC World online. On paper, it looks like a nice little black & white laser printer with scanning, so a nice freebie.

However, there are absolutely no Mac drivers available, and I even had trouble finding the XP drivers in a VM, resorting to a Windows 8 test VM I had for an old project. The Ricoh website seems to be have been designed by a team of the decendants of German Enigma builders, escaped from Nazi Germany and spirited away to be raised in a fortified compound in the highlands of Chile, far from innovations such as “usability” and “democracy”.

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Rick Santorum is still in the race?

I am shocked that Rick Santorum is still in the running for the US GOP nomination for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Has no-one read The Handmaid’s Tale?

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Pentolina’s opening night

Pentolina postcard

Pentolina on Blythe Road

Michele & Heidi Ballarati have taken over the old Blythe Road Restaurant in Brook Green. Tonight is opening night at their new place, Pentolina. They’re fully booked for opening night so I hope its a great success!


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