Animalia wins the Republic of Consciousness prize

Today it was announced that Animalia, written by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo and translated into English by Frank Wynne, won the 2020 Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses.

Frank Wynne reads an excerpt from his translation of Jean-Baptiste Del Amo’s Animalia.

Animalia by Jean Baptiste Del Amo, translated by Frank Wynne (ISBN-10: 1910695572 | ISBN-13: 978-1910695579):

From the Financial Times review:

❝ Yes, this fourth novel by a rising star of French fiction stinks to high heaven. It is also compassionate, lyrical, angry, audacious, composed with a supercharged eloquence, and translated — by Frank Wynne — with dazzling virtuosity. ❞

Animalia by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo — breed contempt

From the Guardian review:

❝ Jean-Baptiste Del Amo has published four novels in his native France. Animalia is the first to appear in English, in a translation by Frank Wynne, whose unenviable task it has been to take Del Amo’s original, Règne Animal, and to capture and convey something of its full throttle, bold, dark profundity. He has triumphantly succeeded: Animalia in English has a truly savage quality, all blood and stench and despair… If at times the book seems to be drowning in its own despair, elsewhere the sentences soar with heavy wings, and so the reader becomes complicit, awakened to our own filthy needs and desires. ❞

Animalia by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo review – war, violence, sickness and cruelty
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Matt Dempsey’s got a new site…

Matt has a new online CV as a sound engineer, mastering engineer and webcaster extraordinaire:

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Housing legal aid deserts in 2019

I’m very proud to be involved with this piece of work published today:

The Law Society: Lack of housing legal aid providers in 2019

housing legal aid deserts England and Wales
housing legal aid deserts England and Wales
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Misty morning Shrewsbury Park

trees seen through the mist
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