Wrong number

I have a personal fax-to-email number that also doubles as voicemail. I’d somehow reverted back to having the generic system greeting instead of my own voice, and when that happens, cookiness ensues.

Usually, I get calls for a commercial butcher operation who have a number 1-digit off mine. So I get calls fromĀ  Royal Navy ships ordering 300kg of machine chopped chicken and the like.

But for the last couple of days I have been getting bizarre voicemails from a woman who seems to think I’m her best friend. But the very weird thing is that she seems to be dialling me and talking to the person next to her.

I’d really like her caller ID, because then I can call her back and find out:

  • how did her trip to the gynaecologist go?
  • is her flat mate really stealing her brown sugar?
  • how silky smooth was her hair after brushing it this morning?

I do hope she carries on leaving messages.

Mystery voicemail woman – gynaecologist

Mystery voicemail woman – brown sugar

Mystery voicemail woman – brushing hair

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