Google: not always so smart

Today I have been playing around with some refinements on the blog.

I was trying out TypeKit – which is lovely and has an easy to use plugin for WordPress – and then I decided to play around with my Google Custom Search Engine.

The theme I use – by NeoEase – has a simple configuration box for Google CSE, so off I went. I now have one set up for, but liked the idea of making cash off it – rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams! For this I would need to link the CSE to a Google Adsense account.

I already have a Google Adwords account from when I was playing around with that a while back. So in the GCSE setup screens, I kept trying to use the option “I already have an account”. After about 5 goes I realized that it was specifically asking for a Google Adsense account, not Adwords. I’ve never used Adsense. But that should be easy, right?

Again, I kept getting caught up in a twisty-turny maze of sign-in for this account, no, not that one, that other one. I use my single Gmail account for this, so you’d think it would just go – “is this what you’re trying to do?” But no. The clever people at Google have other plans.

I am now left in a situation where Adsense won’t let me set up a new Adsense account on my Google account because one already exists. And if I try signing into Adsense with my single, solitary Google Account, I’m told that one does not exist. AAAARGH.

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