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I use a Polar F6 heart rate monitor for tracking exercise at the gym. The software is Windows only, and basically acts like an old fashioned acoustic coupler modem – it makes modem-y type noises and you hold it close to the microphone. The software then squirts the data up to the Polar website and you see all of your exercise in your own little profile on the web.

The problem is, you can’t then display that information anywhere else. You can’t set your profile to public, so your friends and real personal trainer can see your progress. You can’t Tweet it and you can’t post it to your Facebook wall. Information wants to be free, man.

There are some alternative bits of software for Mac (like Trackrecord) that can understand the squawks and squeaks made by the F6 – but they then lock up the data on your own computer. Which is almost as lame as locking it up on Polar’s.

What I want is for someone to build an alternative portal to Polar’s that uses a Java or Flash app to import the audio from the monitor, and then display the data on a profile that’s more shareable than the current Polar version. There must be an ad supported business model in there somewhere!

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