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Imagine transposing this situation to a bar in real life.

Stranger: Hi. I’ve never met you before but I want to you to go over to that guy over there and ask him where he got his shirt from. I don’t know him, and he ignored me when I went over and asked him myself…

This conversation actually happened on Gay Romeo.

new_shibam 29. Apr. 2011 – 16:57
i wonder if you could do me a favour matey. would you mind asking the user markn5 what brand the shirt is on the bottom picture of his profile please and also where he got it please. it is the striped polo shirt.

i have asked him before, but didn’t get a reply and since i’m off to london soon, i don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to buy one for myself. thanks. and rest assured, no catch involved.
Sorry, can’t help you there
why not? it appears you didn’t understand my message.
I don’t think my profile mentions anything about being a personal messaging service
well, fuck off then you twat
Good bye crazy person
bye, rubber dummy

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