Ric Shepheard, AKA Axel Storm, AKA TankRic, RIP

Ric looking happy Ric Shepheard died on Wednesday 1 April 1998. He had been fighting depression for some time but tragically committed suicide. He left a note which told of how he had never really recovered from the death of his dog Smack, but many things in his life had been going wrong. This was the only way he could see the pain ending.

The funeral will be held at the West London Crematorium, the Harrow Road, NW10 on Wednesday 15 April, 2.45pm at the Crematorium. The cortège will be setting out at about 1.45pm from his flat to make his last trip to Old Compton Street before heading off to the cremation.

There is a map of how to get to the Crematorium on Scoot. The A-Z has it down as page 58, square 3D. If anyone has ideas for how to add to the service we're planning please drop me a line, details below. If any of his IRC or other internet friends are planning on coming along to pay their respects, please let us know so we know how many we should be expecting. The plan so far is to decamp to a suitable Soho hostelry for food and copious amounts of drink afterwards.

We would prefer it if people did not send flowers - he didn't like them and I doubt he'd think it anything other than pointless waste so we hope that friends would make a donation to charity. Our thoughts were the homeless charity his mother works for, or the Blue Cross (animal vetinary services - they treated Smack).

Please have a look at what he'd been working on before we lost him: his predictions in "Futures" are very funny indeed.

You can contact me, Graham Anderson on 0958 439034 (+44 958 439034 internationally) or at [email protected]