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…is just getting their new website started –

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macOS High Sierra, VirtualBox and built-in Facetime camera

Updating to macOS High Sierra (10.13) went smoothly, in all but one regard. Since the upgrade, I’ve not been able to use Facetime calling, or anything else that uses my MacBook Pro’s built in webcam.



Going to System Profiler, it showed under “Camera” → “No video capture devices were found.”

But under USB settings, it showed “FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)”.

Apple Developer Forums initailly suggested that Parallels was a problem, but it seems the bug affected VirtualBox too.

First I tried updating VirtualBox to version 5.1.28-117968, but even after a reboot, no joy.  Using the provided un-install script that thoroughly rids your system of the associated KEXTs (don’t just drag the app to Trash) did do the trick.

Un-install tool for VirtualBox

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Good doggo

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EE Tube WiFi stopped working after returning from abroad?

I’m an EE customer with an iPhone 6s, so when I’m on the London Underground, I can use the free wifi – SSID “EE-WiFi Auto”.   I’ve just been on holiday in South Africa, and while I was there I got a local SIM on Vodacom from   My phone is unlocked, so everything worked fine.

However, back in London, I’ve been unable to connect to the EE-WiFi Auto network on the Tube.  It relies on EAP-SIM to connect – that is, rather than use a captive portal to take login details (like Virgin’s free wifi), or a WPA2 key (like most secure networks at home or in the office), this network can check your phone’s SIM to see if you’re an EE customer and are allowed to use it.

Instead of transparently connecting me to the wifi as it did before, the network was asking me for a username and password. A search of EE website gave no clue, and Googling showed that other people were seeing a similar problem.


re-enable EE WiFi

Today I asked EE’s customer service on the phone what was going on. They instructed me to send a text of “EEWIFI” (no spaces) to the number 9527.

Hopefully, that should fix it.

I can only assume that when I replaced my EE SIM with another SIM, it overwrote some setting on the iPhone that allowed the EAP-SIM to work. I hope that if you’re seeing a similar problem, this should save you a call to customer services.

NB: I believe Vodafone also uses EAP-SIM to authenticate its users on its own Tube wifi network. I wonder if their users have seen similar problems after using a foreign SIM?

Update:  still no luck with the EE-WiFi Auto SSID, but at least the Virgin hotspot now works.

Update to the Update:  when I upgraded to iOS 10.3.1 the EAP-SIM method started working again.   So I’m guessing that if I’d done a backup and restore, it might have nudged the settings in the right way.



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